Bloomington Restaurants: Find Your Favorite!

 Which Restaurant?

Restaurants in Bloomington IL, image by gastonmagRemember when you used to have to call a restaurant to find out what was on the menu? If not, you’re probably younger than 14!

With the great variety of restaurants to choose from in the Bloomington Normal area, the best approach is to first decide what time frame you have available. If it’s a business meeting you’re conducting over lunch, you would probably need to make sure you are in and out within an hour.

If it’s a family meal you’re planning,  a bar probably isn’t the best destination.

Vegan or vegetarian in your group? You’ll want to steer clear of the steak houses!

Those are, of course, natural deciding factors, but what if the whole party decides on pizza and then can’t decide which pizza restaurant to patronize?

Check Out Your Restaurant Choices Online

Before you head out for pizza, pasta or whatever cuisine your party has chosen, why not check out the menu online? Not all restaurants carry all menu items! If your child has a penchant for Hawaiian pizza, she’s going to be upset if she doesn’t find it on the menu!

There are plenty of places to check out your restaurant of choice – if the restaurant doesn’t have it’s own website, you could just enter the name of your venue of choice and “menu” into Google and you’ll turn up all kinds of reviews on sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Urban Spoon and FriendsEat.

What About Those Restaurant Reviews?

Are they really paid? Are they just from unsatisfied customers? Most reviews are from people who just love to eat and share their experiences. There are even sites that will show you how to write a restaurant review!

I have always put a lot of faith in restaurant reviews, but have had to learn to block out the reviews from diners who obviously have a vendetta against the business. You can get a lot of information by reading reviews, as long as you keep everything in perspective.

Then, when you’ve visited the restaurant, why not write your own review and let other potential diners know your thoughts?

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